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Sure, here's a brief comparison table outlining the shifting business strategies from budget to luxury and luxury to budget:

| Aspect                | Budget to Luxury Strategy                                 | Luxury to Budget Strategy                                 |


| Pricing               | Increase prices gradually to reflect added value           | Lower prices to attract cost-conscious consumers           |

| Marketing             | Emphasize affordability, value, and practical benefits    | Shift focus to exclusivity, prestige, and brand heritage   |

| Product Quality       | Improve quality, materials, and craftsmanship              | Streamline features and materials while maintaining quality|

| Distribution Channels | Expand distribution to mass-market retailers                | Focus on exclusive distribution through high-end boutiques |

| Customer Experience   | Prioritize convenience, accessibility, and functionality   | Enhance personalized service and luxury shopping experience|

| Brand Image           | Shift towards sophistication, aspirational branding        | Adjust brand image to appeal to broader consumer base       |

| Target Audience      | Target mass market consumers with affordability in mind   | Appeal to affluent clientele seeking luxury experiences    |

These strategies reflect the different approaches companies take when transitioning between budget and luxury markets, considering pricing, marketing, product quality, distribution channels, customer experience, brand image, and target audience.

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